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Kidney disease is a variety of pathological changes of kidneys. Lots of toxins in your body will lead to kidney inflammation or kidney function damage or loss. In this condition, you will experience a series of discomforts such as headache,back pain, itchy skin, frequent urination, fatigue and dizziness, etc.

Why do you suffer from kidney disease?

There are two causes for kidney disease. One is congenitally deficient and the other is acquired. The congential factor is congential kidney asthenia or defect while the acquired factor is bad living habits or environment causes harmful substance damage.

The first is bad living habit leads to kidney damage. It mainly refers to your over intake of fat, sugar and protein, namely, excessive nutrients.

The other is bad living environment causes lots of heavy metal ion into your body.

Uncomfortable environment will damage antioxidant system, which decreases the ability of eliminating oxygen radical and large amount of oxygen radical will build up in the body, leading to blood contamination. Blood contamination will lead to plenty of toxins in blood, which leads to over immune inflammation in kidney and damage intrinsic cells (endothelial cells,mesangial cell, tubular cells, renal interstitium cell, sertoli cell ), as a result, you will suffer from various kidney diseases.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, toxins caused by overnutrition and uncomfortable environment will invade body, which is called brutal poison. And brutal poison will deposit in blood, which is connected with visceral-qi, resulting in toxins in visceral, and then brutal poison will affect the normal function of kidney, leading to poison inside cells, this is called severe poison in blood. Brutal poison leads to proteinuria and hematuria, visceral-qi gives rise to decreasing kidney function and severe poison results in lingering disease.

Why is there no cure for kidney disease?

The root cause of lingering kidney disease is that toxins in your body are not removed from your body.

In pathogenesis terms, toxic accumulation in your body will cause three aspects of body changes including oxidative stress response, overactive immuno-inflammatory response and kidney function damage.

1. large amount of toxic substances deposited in blood affect the efficiency of kidney treating medications.

When doctors use traditional treatment to treat kidney disease, they often do not know that the key point for treating kidney disease is to clear away various wastes products and toxic substances deposited out of blood firstly and then medications to treat kidney disease should be used.

2. If blood is full of various wastes products and toxic substances, which affects the normal function of intrinsic cells and tissues, leading to abnormal function of kidney cells and tissues. If these wastes products can not be eliminated out of body outside of ntrinsic cells and tissues, your kidney disease can not be treated well.

3. if the key point for treating kidney disease is to relive various poisoning symptoms of kidney disease, it is not to repair the diseased cells and tissues in the kidney. This also can be a reason that your kidney disease can not be treated well.

How should kidney disease be treated?

The key point of kidney disease treatment is to cleanse toxins from your body. Other treatments are not effective.

When various toxins in blood are removed, oxidative stress response in cells will be stopped. And when oxidative stress response is stopped, cells will not secrete abnormal protein and harmful factors. Abnormal protein and harmful factors are removed from your blood, overactive immuno-inflammatory response will be stopped, immune complexes of antigen-antibodies and complement will not be produced. There are no toxins in your blood and no harmful factors for kidneys, kidney damage will be prevented. Then kidneys can be recovered gradually.

How does our Toxin-Removing Treatment deal with kidney disease?

1. Our special treatment is to clear away various toxins in blood. From various clinical experiences in our hospital, during the process of receiving treatment, patients often can have a better effect before clearing away various wastes products from blood than those who do not eliminate toxins out of blood. The major reason is that lots of toxins deposited in blood will affect the efficiency of kidney treating medications. Therefore, the greatest characteristics of treatment in our hospital is to treat kidney disease before removing out various toxins in blood.

2. The second characteristic is to use Chinese medicine to repair the kidney cells and tissues. The method is to use the advantage of Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease, that is to say, we apply Chinese medicine to eliminate various wastes products inside cells, which not only achieve the function of clearing away toxins in blood, but also can achieve the purpose of eliminating the toxins in kidney cells. By removing the toxins inside and outside kidney cells, a health internal environment can be provided to recover kidney function, but also can improve the efficiency of treatments which are used to treat kidney disease.

3. The Third characteristic of treating kidney disease in our hospital is accurate location diagnosis, that is to say, we insist to diagnosing firstly and then we prescribe patients with proper treatments. We do not give patients any suggestion before having a accurate diagnosis. The accurate location diagnosis includes the diagnosis of kidney structure and kidney function, cell biology diagnosis of cells and cell subset and the biochemistry of toxins in blood and toxin inside cells.

How effective our treatments are?

If your kidney disease is at the stage that the damage on glomerular filtration is less than 50%, we can achieve more effective results, there is a possibility to reverse your disease.

If you are a kidney failure patients, that is to say, the damage on glomerular filtration is more than 50%, we can not reverse your disease, but we can make the illness condition stable or make it better.

What should you do to work with doctors and nurses?

1.You have to make it clear that kidney disease had no cure and high occurrence, so you have to treat it with long term.

2.You had better choose one expert or doctor to help you adjust treatment plan and give your guidance.

3. You need to find a professional and doctor and hospital to treat your disease.

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