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Welcome to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Chinese Medicine. Here we will offer you a high-quality service.

We understand deeply that when you are diagnosed with Kidney Disease, you may feel sad and anxious, even despair

We are committed to improving the quality of life for people with Kidney Disease around the globe and help them cope with the pain, fear and isolation of prolonged illness better. We hope the patients be healthier and happier than before, do what they want to do and enjoy their lives.

The following is a list of what we can do for you.


Our service Overview

Based on your overall illness conditions, recommend the excellent nephrologist and proper therapy to treat the disease.

On Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Chinese Medicine website, there are the global latest news and information about kidney drugs, treatments and some remarkable findings and studies on kidney disease.

Provide free online consultation about your disease condition or give you the professional guidance by email, phone or other approaches. In addition, the most comprehensive professional knowledge about kidney disease will be offered to help you have a better understanding of your condition.

Service before you come

Pre-arrival preparations

Before you arrival, we will discuss with you which personal items and medical records you will need to bring and any necessary pre-arrival financial arrangements. We would be happy to assist you with any other concerns you might have regarding transportation, food, the weather, any other special needs.

Assistance at the airport

The patient service staff will meet you at the airport when you arrive in China and bring you to our center. Upon your arrival, we will help you complete the admission process, fill out the registration forms, and help you adjust to your new surroundings. When you depart China to return home, our patient service staff will escort you to the airport and assist you with customs check-in.

Language Services

We know that getting around China can be tough without an ability to speak Chinese. However, our patient service staff can provide language assistance in English.

Visa Extension

Occasionally, a patient's treatment cycle will take longer than the time given on the patient's travel visa. In these cases, our patient service staff can help you to extend your stay.

During your stay


There are internet connections in every hospital room. You can bring your computer here.

TV/Air-conditioner/fridge/personal kitchen/Laundry

TV, Air-conditioner, fridge and personal kitchen are furniture in every patient room. The washing machine and dryer are free for our patients.

Services alimentaires

Les patients peuvent cuisiner des aliments eux-même dans la cuisine personnelle ou la infirmière privée peut vous aider à commander le dîner de notre restaurant.

Services familiaux ou ses amis

Nous offrons un autre lit pour la famille ou les amis des patients. Si vous êtes accompagné par un certain nombre d'amis, nous vous aidons à réserver les chambres d'hôtel pour.

Food Services

Patients can cook food by their own in personal kitchen or private nurse can help you order the dinner from our dining hall.

Family or friends Services

We offer another one bed for family or friends of patients. If you are accompanied by more than one friend, we help book hotel room for you.

After your stay

Assistance at the airport

When you depart China to return home, our patient service staff will escort you to the airport and assist you with customs check-in.

Booking ticket

Avant de quitter la Chine, notre personnel vous aidera à réserver des billets d'avion ou de train pour vous.

Follow-up Service

When you leave hospital, our staff will arrange regular follow-up for you. We offer guides on health evaluation, drug use and patients care suggestions for you in regular basis.

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Chinese Medicine can help you and your loved ones to manage their Kidney Disease and experience less depression, anxiety, pain and isolation remarkably as well as get a satisfying treatment outcome.

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