Can I Relieve Proteinuria And Edema To Avoid CKD 5

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Avoid CKD 5,Relieve Proteinuria,EdemaIn early 2018, 27-year-old TOM suffered from lower limb edema. At that time, 24-hour urinary protein quantification was 3.8g/d, which was diagnosed as renal syndrome. He took hormone therapy for more than half a year locally, but urinary protein was still repeated. At that time, he had lost confidence in protein reduction and nephropathy treatment, and sometimes wanted to wait for direct dialysis of renal failure.

There are many patients like TOM, whose urine protein decreases and rises again and again, and loses confidence in treatment. Is there no specific antiprotein drug?

At present, the treatment of kidney syndrome mostly uses glucocorticoids alone or combined with immunosuppressive agents to reduce or eliminate urinary protein and protect renal function.

Hormones can be used individually for many pathological types of renal syndrome, such as minimal change nephropathy, membranous nephropathy, mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis and so on. Immunosuppressive agents are commonly used for hormone-dependent, hormone-resistant and recurrent proteinuria patients with renal syndrome.

However, considering the various side effects of hormone itself (gastrointestinal bleeding, susceptibility to infection, osteoporosis, etc.), if there is no critical moment (such as active stage of lupus nephritis, rapid progressive nephritis, etc.), it can be used less, can not be used or not.

This is also based on the leakage of urinary protein.

The reason why urinary protein leaks out is that inflammation leads to the deposition of immune complexes in the kidney, and that the treatment is not timely.

Hormone treatment of inflammatory reaction is a process of inhibition and prevention. There is still a certain gap between the effect of hormone alone and the desired "long-term stability of urinary protein". Chronic diseases need to be treated slowly. If the effect of hormone treatment is not good, we can try traditional Chinese medicine therapy, more accurately, hormone combined with traditional Chinese medicine, and according to different conditions.

TOM has found a more suitable treatment for itself. Hormone plus traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion, acupuncture and other methods can clear the immune complex in the deposited kidney, dredge the kidney detoxification channel, so that the inflammatory reaction is gradually reduced, urinary protein is also reduced.

In addition, the recovery and stability of TOM can not be separated from the adjustment of their own mentality and the coordination of diet and exercise. It is believed that through reasonable treatment, more patients will be stable and far away from renal failure.

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