Three Stories Help You Know The Reasons Of Relapse In Proteinuria And Occult Blood

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Relapse in proteinuria, relapse in occult blood, progress of kidney diseaseVarious of symptoms will appear in the early stage of kidney disease, such as, occult blood, proteinuria, high blood pressure, etc. For treating these symptoms of kidney disease that some drugs are needed to keep the indicators stable for avoiding the progress of kidney disease.

All the kidney disease patients pay attention on the drugs to treat symptoms, lots of patients consult our ONLINE DOCTOR some problems about drugs or illness conditions.

It is a big problem that the illness conditions do not get improved with lots of drugs, no one knows the reasons.

Today, i will share some typical cases, you may get answer to the above question through these cases.

1. Question: 52 years old, male, membranous hepatitis B kidney disease. He took Cyclosporin for 9 months, protein decreased from 4g to 3 g, and then it will not drop, do you think that i need to change the other drugs>

Answer: First check the DNA of a hepatitis B. If there is virus replication, anti HBV replication drugs should continue to be used. You have been taken Cyclosporin for 9 months, but the effects is not well, what is more, Cyclosporin will damage your liver, which may aggravate the conditions of hepatitis B, so it is not good to protect the renal functions. So you should think to change the drugs.

2. Question: hi, doctor, my daughter is 3 years old, she was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and minimal change disease at 2 years old. She was in hospital for some days, she accepted 10 days hormone therapy, although she got cold, protein was negative in this period. Until March in this year, the hormone was reduced to half pill. Excuse me, is this recurrence caused by too much reduction?

Answer: Minimal change disease is easy to relapse, we can know that the child continue to take hormones for treating disease, there is no recurrence in these days. To be honest, she takes hormones for 1 year that is not fast for reducing hormones. The cause of recurrence is still unable to exclude infectious factors such as colds and dietary factors. It is best to take children to the hospital for detailed review of indicators so as not to aggravate the disease.

3. Question: male, 55 years old, blood pressure 150/110, urine protein 3+, initial identification result is Hypertension Nephropathy. He began to take antihypertensive drugs from last August, but the recent examination of renal function: creatinine 130, urine protein 2+, blood pressure 140/90, antiprotein effect is not obvious, should i use what medicine?

Answer: first thins is to make a diagnosis of pathological type, proteinuria and high blood pressure are typical symptoms of kidney disease, lots of kidney disease patients have these symptoms. Different kidney diseases should be treated differently. For example, diabetes is also associated with hypertension and proteinuria. The key point of treatment is lowering blood sugar rather than lowering blood pressure.

From the three questions that we can get some reasons. Why do i always take drugs, but the indicators can not be reduced.


A. There is no control of the basic disease, and it does not understand the effects of the drug. For example, hepatitis B kidney disease, you should control creatinine firstly to prevent further damage to the renal function. Kidney toxicity and liver toxic drugs are avoided to use, otherwise it will aggravate the illness condition.

B. Ignoring the factors that may lead to recurrence, such as colds. Drug effect is limited, especially the role of hormone, if you want to avoid the recurrence of the disease, not only to play the role of drug, but also you need to pay attention on infection, diet and so on.

C. The diagnosis is not clear and the treatment is wrong.
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