Special Treatments Help Me Reduce Creatinine 1070

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Special Treatments Help Me Reduce Creatinine 1070The story is about Salihov Rufat, who is the patient in our hospital. He is 35 years old, coming from Uzbekistan. He is a kidney failure patient with high creatinine level, and he accept the systematic treatments that his creatinine level reduced a lot. If you are interested in his story, please contact our online doctor directly or addWhatsApp/Wechat+008617731400203.

8 years ago, he took a routine examination at the hospital in Uzbekistan. The result was : blood pressure 120/80mmHg, proteinuria 2+, creatinine level 65 umol/L. According to his condition, local renal doctors suggest that he should have rest and avoid overtired instead of giving proper treatments. And then, he checked his condition once again, proteinuria 1+, hematurai -.

During 5 years, he didn’t suffer from any discomforts and his proteinuria wasn’t relived.

3 years ago, he checked his condition again at the hospital in Uzbekistan, blood pressure 160/90mmHg, proteinuria 1+, hematuria -, creatinine was 245 umol/L. Within 2 years, his creatinine was increased to 520 umol/L.

1 years ago, he examined his physical again at the hospital in Uzbekistan due to headache. Blood pressure 160/90 mmHg, hemoglobin 107g/L, proteinuria 1+, hematuria 1+, creatinine 698 umol/L, blood urea nitrogen was 15.5 mmol/L, urea acid 430 mmol/L. As a result, he was only given medications to reduce high creatinine, and there are no other medicine to improve kidney function.

3 months ago, his creatinine was increased to 930 umol/L, urea acid 481 umol/L. And then, he was suggested to do dialysis, but he refused to do it. In order to avoid dialysis, he came to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, the large professional hospital in China.

After he arrived our hospital that our doctor give the systematic inspections to know the accurate details of the kidney function, and depends on that give the special treatments. The special treatments includes: Toxins-Removing Treatment, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture. These treatments were implemented over a month, there was the obvious effects for him. All of discomforts such as headache, poor appetite, skin itching disappear. Most importantly, his creatinine level is reduced to 674umol/L from 1070 umol/L.

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