Christmas Eve In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Time :Dec 25, 2017    Views :115

Last night was Christmas Eve. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, all preparations were ready. The party began with a hot dance. Hundreds of kidney disease patients attended a grand Christmas Eve party in our hospital. The top leaders of our hospital also attended the evening party, and attended hundreds of kidney disease patients who came to our hospital to attend the party. They sent blessings, gifts and care to everyone.

All over the world kidney disease patients were gathered in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we come from different countries, we have different origins, different languages we speak, but we can feel the care from the hospital staff. Here, we enjoy the carnival of the new year's Eve. Though we are in other countries, we all feel strong love. Doctors, nurses, experts and meticulous care in translation make the patients get better in a short time, and no longer suffer from the disease. All the patients at the party were healthy, without the slightest suffering of the disease, and everyone's face was filled with the happiness of the festival.

Dozens of fruits are rich in all kinds of nutrients, delicious and nutritious, but do not affect the patient's illness conditions. These details touch every patient and his family's heart.

Here, we talk about their hopes for the future: to travel around the world after discharge, get married and beloved woman, take care of elderly mother, want to spend more time with young children, return to the podium, continue to defend the motherland people's safety and so on, they talk about the future of the things, filled with a happy smile on the face.

The party from 5 in the afternoon everyone was reluctant to part continued into the night nearly 9 points in the end. The perfect end of the carnival for new year's Eve, while waiting for the advent of Christmas.

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