4+7 Therapy-A New Hope To Avoid Dialysis In China

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4+7 Therapy-A New Hope To Avoid Dialysis In ChinaDue to all kinds of reasons that more and more people want to avoid dialysis. Kidney transplant can help avoid dialysis in a certain amount of time. After kidney transplant that if the creatinine level goes up again, which is big problem to control the illness conditions and complications. So i will tell you 4+7 therapy, which bring a new hope for patients to avoid dialysis in china.

Beijing Tongshantang Hospital develops 4+7 therapy to treat kidney disease for more than ten years, which has a break through in kidney field and has helped lots of patients to avoid dialysis.

What is the 4+7 therapy?

Seven Chinese Therapy: Circle Therapy, Hot Compress therapy, Medicated bath, Moxibustion therapy, a oral chinese medicine therapy, Foot bath therapy, Enema therapy.

Now i introduce one of the seven chinese therapy.

Hot Compress therapy aims at removing the toxins and excess wastes out through chinese herbal medicines, otherwise, the chinese herbal medicines help expend the blood vessels, promote the metabolism, improve blood circulations through anti inflammation, anti coagulation, degradation. And chinese herbal medicines help the oxygen and nutrients to diseased cells and tissues for repairing the diseased kidney. So Hot Compress therapy can improve kidney function to avoid dialysis.

Four one treatment: a dose of external application with chinese herbal medicines, a bottle of MaiKang Composition, a basin of foot bath medicine, oral chinese herbal medicine.

Foot bath help remove the excess substance out through chinese herbal medicines. Patients will have a lot of sweat when they have this therapy. Chines herbal medicines herbal promote the metabolism that the excess substance are more easier to be eliminated. The chinese herbal medicines will penetrate inside blood through acupoints on foot, which will play its effects to improve kidney function.

In a way, the 4+7 therapy can help avoid dialysis through improving kidney function, if you want to know more details about 4+7 therapy that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:


Email: tongshantanghospital@yahoo.com

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