Can Chronic Nephritis Patient Have The Healthy Baby

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Chronic Nephritis,Healthy Baby1. Some patients with nephritis, such as chronic concealed nephritis, mild nephropathy, only a small amount of proteinuria, no hypertension, no decline in renal function, under close medical supervision may allow pregnancy. These patients must regularly check urine routine, blood pressure, renal function, especially in the late pregnancy should be checked twice a week urine routine, daily blood pressure measurement, every 1 - 2 weeks check renal function.

2. If there is a tendency for a large increase in urinary protein, a marked increase in blood pressure, and a decrease in renal function, pregnancy should be stopped in time. Pregnant women with chronic glomerulonephritis, such as edema, elevated blood pressure, salt intake should be severely restricted to ensure rest, supplement protein and essential amino acids, correct hypoproteinemia. If blood pressure is elevated, antihypertensive drugs, such as nifedipine and captopril, which have no effect on renal blood flow, should be selected.

3. To prevent the use of kidney-damaging drugs, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, sulfonamides, aspirin and so on.

4. Chronic Nephritis patients after pregnancy, we should pay more attention to life conditioning, keep enough rest and sleep. It is necessary to have a reasonable diet, ensure nutrition, and replenish enough vitamins to enhance physical fitness and reduce the chance of infection. To pay attention to cold and warm, prevent upper respiratory tract infections, pay attention to perineal cleaning, prevent sexual life, reduce the chance of urinary tract infections. We should also pay attention to skin cleaning and early treatment of dental caries.

In China, most of patients take chinese herbal medicines to treat chronic nephritis, which can help to have a healthy baby.

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