How To Avoid The Relapse Of Uremic Stage

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Uremic Stage,RelapseUremia is a very difficult disease to treat, many patients in the early stage can not detect their own suffering from uremia, after diagnosis and need long-term dialysis treatment to maintain life. Some uremic patients recovered well due to timely detection and mild symptoms.

1. Diet conditioning

To prevent the recurrence of uremia, the first step is to start from the diet in life, patients should strictly control the intake of protein, daily use of low-protein diet, as far as possible to reduce the nitrogen in the body. Foods high in cadmium, such as livers, kidneys, mushrooms, seafood and vegetables grown in sludge, should also be forbidden. You should not add too much salt to your food. You can use low sodium instead of common salt. Patients should also pay attention to the daily drinking water volume to reduce the voiding volume. Uremic patients should pay attention to a light diet while ensuring adequate daily intake of nutrients to maintain normal physical fitness.

2. Day-to-day care

Usually if you have a cold, fever and other diseases, must be under the guidance of the doctor to take medicine, to avoid taking drugs that damage the kidney, can choose non-nephrotoxicity and quick-acting drugs, as far as possible to shorten the medication time, so as not to aggravate the burden on the kidney.

Many uremic patients suffer from hypertension, hyperglycemia, kidney disease, must actively treat the primary disease, control the condition of these diseases, in order to avoid aggravating the disease and cause uremia recurrence.

Frequent re-visit to the hospital is a matter of concern to every uremic patient, do not relax vigilance because the disease has been controlled or eased. Strengthening follow-up is necessary for the detection of uremic condition.

Adjust their living habits, three meals a day regular quantitative, must not stay up late, can cooperate with appropriate physical exercise, in the epidemic season should pay attention to strengthen prevention. Good living habits are very helpful to control the disease.

Keep a good attitude. Don't get depressed because you suffer from uremia. Don't worry about it all the time. Keeping a positive attitude towards disease and establishing confidence in fighting against illness are good for physical rehabilitation.

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