Can Creatinine 5.69 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure Avoid Dialysis

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Stage 4 Kidney Failure,Creatinine 5.69,Avoid DialysisWestern treatments are widely used to treat Creatinine 5.69 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure in all over the world. Now, more and more patients focus on Chinese Medicine, do you know about them?

Western Medicine Treatment:

Western medicine treatment of nephrotic uremia is mainly drug treatment, such as oral medicine and enema medicine commonly used by the doctor, including Esit, uremia, oxidized starch, renal failure Ning, catharsis and enema. The main function of these drugs is to reduce creatinine and urea by increasing intestinal toxin. And so on toxin's goal, plays the substitution kidney detoxification function. But this can only temporarily reduce the level of blood endotoxin. In this regard, dialysis is the best example, dialysis can not fundamentally restore the damaged renal function, can only temporarily replace the function of the kidney, long-term dependence on this meeting lead to gradual loss of renal function.

Chinese Medicine Treatment:

In contrast, for uremic patients, restoring kidney function is the most fundamental treatment. In the treatment, we should not directly reduce the toxin, but should prevent the continuous injury of the kidney through the effect of the drug. After the gradual repair and regeneration, the detoxification function of the kidney should be restored. In this regard, traditional Chinese medicine has highlighted its advantages, it can activate the function of the kidney, stimulate the regeneration of damaged kidney units, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Various of chinese herbal medicines used in the treatment can repair diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney functions. After several times of treatment, creatinine 5.69 can be reduced that patients have the big hope to avoid dialysis.

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