Can chinese medicine help creatinine 1.7 and foamy urine patients

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Doctor and patientsHi, doctor, my father has creatinine 1.7 and foamy urine, can chinese medicine help him to avoid dialysis successfully.

good afternoon, i am lorry an assistant doctor about kidney disease, you have consulted us in website, now i give some details in explaining of your questions.

you father' kidney has damaged seriously, for kidney disease patients, foamy urine means that their glomerular filtration barrier is broken, it is kidney structures.

creatinine 1.7 means that he is in the early stage of kidney disease, but, his kidney has damaged seriously, which is easy to develop into end stage renal disease. so dialysis or kidney transplant are recommended by your doctors.

what a lucky thing, now, he is in the early stage that we can repair the diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function and rebuilding kidney structures, so his creatinine and proteinuria can be relieved with no relapse.

you told us that his creatinine is 1.5 in sometimes, it is common to see in kidney disease patients. creatinine shows the toxins and excess wastes in body, there are lots of reasons to cause creatinine to go up or reduce, it can not show the accurate kidney function. some patients think that creatinine level reduce that their kidney function is improved, so it is not right. it is impossible to improve kidney function with western medicine, because, western medicine can only control the symptoms, and it has no effects on treating kidney disease, that is why lots of patients to develop into end stage renal disease with no right treatments.

your are lucky to find chinese medicine in timely, now, your father is in the early stage of kidney disease, we can help him improve kidney function and rebuild kidney structures with the systematic treatments, which has be researched by lots of experts for more than ten years, and it helped lots of patients to avoid dialysis successfully all over the world, so i think that there must be the big hope to help your father, hope that he can avoid dialysis and complications , which can have a longer and better life.

if you are interested in the chinese medicine that you can consult the online doctor, our experts will depend on your accurate illness conditions to give the systematic treatments.

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