What Kind Of Fruit Can Hypertensive Nephropathy Patients Eat

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Hypertensive Nephropathy,FruitWhat kind of fruit do Hypertensive Nephropathy patients eat? Fruit is nutritious and delicious, which is also good for health. But patients are not every kind of fruit is suitable to eat, the following together to see which fruit is better.

1. Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in sugar, fat, protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid and so on.

It contributes to digestion, mainly in the presence of bromelain. This enzyme in the stomach can break down proteins, supplement the body's inadequate digestive enzymes, so that patients with dyspepsia to restore normal digestive function. In addition, bromelain has certain therapeutic effects on nephritis and hypertension.

2. Oranges

Oranges contain more than 10 kinds of nutrients, such as vitamin C and glucose. For hypertension nephropathy caused by chronic hepatitis, tangerine can improve liver detoxification, accelerate cholesterol conversion and prevent arteriosclerosis.

3. Persimmon

There are many varieties of persimmon, which contain more than 10 kinds of nutrients. The effect of persimmon on hypertension, hemorrhoids, hemorrhage and arteriosclerosis has attracted much attention.

4. Apple

It contains more than 10 nutrients including malic acid, vitamin A, B, C and so on. Eating apples often benefits hypertensive patients with excessive salt.

5. Mango

Mango has high carotene content, which is good for eyesight and moisturizing the skin. The content of vitamin C in mango is higher than that in common fruits, and it can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride. Regular mango can continuously supplement the consumption of vitamin C in the body, and can prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases. When eating mango, avoid eating spicy food such as garlic at the same time, so as not to "yellowing".

Hypertensive nephropathy should eat more potassium containing foods: bananas, pears, kiwi, walnuts, watermelons and so on. And some foods, beans, tomatoes, squash, celery, fresh mushrooms and all kinds of green leafy vegetables.

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