What Are The Diagnostic Criteria For Nephritis

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Diagnostic Criteria,NephritisNephritis has a large number of patients, and nephritis can be divided into many types. So how much do you know about the diagnosis of nephritis?

Glomerulonephritis is the most common type of disease. For women, there are many people suffering from nephritis. Nephritis can be divided into two main categories: primary and secondary, or two chronic and acute. No matter what type of nephritis, it brings great harm to patients' physical and mental health.

Diagnostic criteria for Nephritis

1. Edema

About half of the patients developed edema at the beginning of oliguria, with emphasis on the face and lower extremities. Once edema appears, it is difficult to disappear. This is one of the diagnostic criteria for nephritis.

2. Changes in urine routine

Start with less urine, or gradually reduce urine, or even without urine. It may be accompanied by gross hematuria for varying durations, but persists of microscopic hematuria and urinary routine changes are basically the same as acute glomerulonephritis. This is also the diagnostic basis for nephritis.

3. Renal impairment

Persistent aggravation is the characteristic of this disease. Glomerular filtration rate was significantly reduced and renal tubular dysfunction existed simultaneously. The diagnosis of nephritis is relatively common.

4. Hypertension

Some patients come to the hospital with symptoms of hypertension, and doctors ask them to do urine test before they know it is caused by chronic glomerulonephritis.

For patients with chronic nephritis, the occurrence of hypertension is a sooner or later process, the increase in blood pressure can be sustained, can also occur intermittently, and the degree of hypertension characterized by diastolic hypertension (higher than 12.7 kPa) also has great individual differences, light only 18.7-21.3/12. 7 - 13.3kPa, serious people can even exceed 26.7/14.7kPa.

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