What Are The Common Functions Of Kidney

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Functions Of Kidney,The kidney is the most important organ in the urinary system, is also an important organ of the human body, located on both sides of the abdominal posterior wall of the spinal column, left and right one.

Renal function

1. Secreting urine and excreting metabolic wastes, poisons and drugs.

Kidney waste includes drugs and toxic substances, retain water, glucose, amino acids, vitamins and a small amount of protein and other nutrients, constantly make the blood clean, to ensure the stability of the human body's internal environment, to ensure normal life activities.

2. Regulating body fluid

Mainly water and osmotic pressure, water and sodium or other salts and solutions are usually re-absorbed together, the absorption function of different parts of the renal tubules is different, but in general, they can effectively regulate the body's water and osmotic pressure. There are many factors that affect water and osmotic pressure, such as sweating, diarrhea, lack of drinking water and bleeding.

3.Regulate the concentration of electrolyte.

The glomerular filtration fluid contains a variety of electrolytes. When it enters the renal tubules, most of the sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, chlorine and phosphate are reabsorbed. These electrolytes are selectively absorbed according to human needs and through a series of endocrine factors to regulate the concentration of electrolytes.

4. Adjust the balance between acid and base.

Normal human tissue cells must be in a suitable acid-base environment to carry out normal life activities. The kidney maintains the acid-base balance and stability by directly secreting hydrogen ions and excreting urea. If the kidney's function is destroyed, it will cause the body's acid-base imbalance, serious and even life-threatening.

5. Endocrine function of kidney

The kidneys secrete renin and prostaglandins that regulate the contraction or relaxation of blood vessels and the volume of blood, thereby regulating blood pressure; the kidneys also produce erythropoietin to stimulate the growth of red blood cells in the bone marrow, maintain normal red blood cell formation, and prevent anemia

If you have the following symptoms of kidneys that you maybe have kidney problems, for example:

1. Weak and fatigue

2. Edema of face, eyelids, legs and feet

3. Proteinuria

4. High blood pressure

5. Mixed blood in urine, like washing meat water

6. More urine, more times, or less urine volume and fewer times

7. Lumbago and dull pain

8. Headaches

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