CKD Patients Find Foamy Urine In The Morning Can It Be Cured With Cyclophosphamide

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foamy urine in the morning,cured with cyclophosphamide,alternative treatmentEvery day, lots of patients find Foamy urine in the morning. Foamy urine is usually considered as Protein in urine, despite this, you should to take test to confirm the reason of foam urine. This article will tell some treatments about foamy urine, which is caused by leakage of protein. Can it be cured with cyclophosphamide? You can tell your illness conditions to ONLINE DOCTOR directly, he will analysis for you in free.

In most conditions, Cyclophosphamide can control foamy urine well, but, the recurrence problems are continuing with western medicine. What is more, Cyclophosphamide can not treat damaged kidney, it is only used to control the foamy urine, so it can not be cured from the root.

Research shows that long time low immunity patients are easy to obtain foamy urine in chronic kidney disease.

Therefore, it is imperative to treat proteinuria with success.

1. Reasonable diet. Following low salt, low fat, low protein, low phosphorus, low potassium, more vitamins. But if proteinuria is severe, you have to take some High Quality Protein, such as lean Meat, Chicken, Fish, Egg, etc.

2. Alternative treatment. Here i strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, various of chinese herbal medicines used in the treatments come from nature, which has good effects on clearing interior Environment and improving renal function. Otherwise, chinese herbal medicines can achieve to repair glomerular filtration barrier, which can treat foamy urine from the root. So foamy urine can be relieved in 10-15 days. And patients can come to a normal life.

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