4 Tips Help Delay Renal Failure Effectively With No Dialysis

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Delay Renal Failure,No Dialysis"Before I got kidney disease, I never thought that kidney failure and uremia would be related to me. After I got sick, I felt so close to death for the first time, and I felt the preciousness of life." This is the voice of the former patient. Following this article to get more answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

Although it is difficult to cure nephropathy completely at present, it is not impossible to cure it. More importantly, the kidney is not so "fragile", even if the kidney function is damaged, but the process is relatively slow. Excluding the factors of acute progression, most patients with nephropathy will not suddenly progress to renal failure or uremia, which gives us more sufficient time to protect the remaining renal function while timely. Repair damaged function, so that the kidney function as far as possible to ensure the normal play.

But there are also a few patients in the treatment process unconsciously took a detour, leading to deterioration of the condition, unfortunately developed to renal failure. Here we remind you that prevention and treatment of kidney failure is the key point, if we can all adhere to do a good job, can effectively prolong life.

1. Early diagnosis

There are many types of chronic kidney disease, so it is very important to diagnose the pathological type and the damaged part of kidney for treatment. Patients can be checked to determine their condition. Membranous nephropathy, for example, can be diagnosed by examining anti-phospholipase A2 receptor antibodies.

Nephropathy treatment should not be delayed, thus missing the best opportunity for treatment. Therefore, if it is clear that diagnosis is needed, it is recommended that we do not delay or conflict with the psychological, early diagnosis, early treatment is the key to prevent and treat renal failure.

2. Symptomatic drug use, not unauthorized drug use

During the progress of renal function, many kinds of symptoms will appear one after another, which has a great impact on the progress of renal function. Among them, proteinuria and hypertension are typical. If not controlled in time, the damage to renal function is persistent and common, which will accelerate renal failure. To cope with these symptoms, timely medication is indispensable. Antiproteins are mainly hormones and immunosuppressive agents, supplemented by other drugs such as pril, sartan, statins and so on. Antihypertensive drugs are now available in a wide variety and are not difficult to choose.

Generally, as long as drug use is maintained to keep symptoms stable, the progress of renal function will slow down, or even stagnate. However, some patients'proteinuria and other indicators are always repeated. There is no doubt that they do not take medication seriously, or even increase medication without authorization. This is also a detour that some patients often take, hoping to take warning.

3. Check the indicators in detail to understand the status of renal function

Many patients are very concerned about proteinuria, blood pressure and other indicators are able to recover, but ignore the situation of renal function. Proteinuria, hypertension and other indicators certainly have some impact on the prognosis of nephropathy, but the burden of nephropathy treatment is to protect the remaining renal function and delay the progress of renal function as far as possible. Therefore, patients should pay attention to the understanding of renal function, such as glomerular filtration rate, creatinine clearance rate and other indicators are more directly important indicators to reflect renal function, but also pay attention to them.

4. To improve life management and protect kidney in peacetime

Most of the patients with nephropathy are treated and maintained out of hospital. Therefore, prevention and treatment of renal failure should also pay attention to developing good habits of protecting the kidney, creating a good internal and external environment for the recovery of kidney function, such as not smoking, not drinking, and try not to do too much exercise or work, so as to reduce the risk of kidney injury.

According to authoritative statistics, the vast majority of patients can maintain long-term renal function stability, only 1-2% of them develop to uremia. Moreover, even to uremia can also be through hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, traditional Chinese medicine or kidney transplantation and other kidney replacement therapy for a long time to live.

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