Can Chinese Medicine Or Western Medicine Save Renal Functions

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Chinese Medicine,Western Medicine,Renal FunctionsClinically, Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is the closest disease stage to Uremia. Once renal failure is not controlled, many complications appear, such as anemia, heart failure, hyperkalemia and so on.

The most obvious pathological feature of Chronic Renal Failure is that a large number of kidney cells are necrotic and it is difficult to maintain normal renal compensatory function. The causes of kidney cell necrosis are usually related to infection. Infection damages kidney cells and results in the deposition of immune complexes. The kidney shows excessive immune inflammation reaction, cell ischemia and hypoxia, which leads to the proliferation or necrosis of kidney cells and accelerates the development of renal failure.

Therefore, in the treatment, we should start from the root cause, that is, to purify the blood and clean up the immune complex.

Treatment of chronic renal failure

At present, western medicine mainly adopts anti-inflammatory and blood purification methods for the treatment of chronic renal failure.

Among them, anti-inflammatory drugs are mainly hormone-based western medicine, combined with diuretic, anticoagulant, antihypertensive, lipid-lowering drugs, while anti-inflammatory, alleviate various symptoms.

Purification of blood is mainly dialysis, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. However, one of the drawbacks of dialysis is that it can only clean up small molecules (such as creatinine) in the blood, but it has little effect on medium and large molecules. Another disadvantage of dialysis is the use of time. In the early stages of chronic renal failure, blood has been contaminated, but at this time almost no one will consider dialysis. Usually dialysis is only carried out when chronic renal failure develops to failure stage, that is, when serum creatinine rises above 500 micron oI/L, which is often very late.

In TCM clinic, chronic renal failure belongs to the category of diseases such as Guange, Diangbing, Edema and Drowning in TCM.

This disease belongs to the syndrome of Zhengxu and Xishi, while Zhengxu is the root, Xishi is the target, and spleen and kidney are the main pathological organs. The etiology and pathogenesis of chronic renal failure patients will change after dialysis. The deficiency of spleen and kidney qi (yang) is still the main type of deficiency, but the standard solid is turned into stasis and internal obstruction.

Therefore, TCM treatment of renal failure mainly proceeds from two aspects:

1. Fuzheng Quxie: commonly used are Wenpi Decoction, Huanglong Decoction, Rhubarb Enterobius Pills and other strategies, with ginseng, Gui and other Chinese herbs to nourish Qi and blood, to support Zhengqi, and then add rhubarb, mirabilite, Zhishi, Tuyuan and other drugs to activate serum toxicity, to receive evil Zhengan'an.

2. Nutritional diet therapy: The greatest benefit of diet therapy is to inspire healthy qi and enhance the efficacy of exorcism, which can effectively improve the quality of life of dialysis patients with renal failure.

The greatest advantage of TCM treatment lies in delaying the speed of renal failure, reducing the frequency of dialysis, and even getting rid of dialysis to a certain extent.

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