How Long Does Hemodialysis Take For Kidney Failure Patients

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Kidney Failure,HemodialysisHemodialysis is a common method of life support for uremic patients. Doctors should arrange hemodialysis according to the specific conditions of patients. Generally speaking, a hemodialysis needs 4-5 hours, 2-3 times a week.

After hemodialysis, symptoms such as nausea and vomiting can be improved rapidly, and urea nitrogen can be reduced by 40% to 50%. But the body constantly metabolizes every day, metabolic waste is constantly produced, toxins are constantly accumulated in the body, water, electrolytes and acid-base balance will also be disordered, so hemodialysis needs to be repeated, and some patients must be lifelong dialysis to maintain life. In this process of repeated dialysis, it is very important to correctly grasp the amount and time of hemodialysis.

Patients on dialysis vary greatly. The frequency and duration of hemodialysis can be determined according to specific conditions, mainly on the basis of residual renal function, cardiovascular stability, protein intake, weight gain during dialysis and dialysate properties. In addition, attention should also be paid to the patient's subjective feeling, general state, nutrition, blood pressure, water and electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, according to these specific circumstances, according to different people, the frequency and time of dialysis. For patients without residual renal function, the daily intake of protein L 2 grams per kilogram of body weight, 2-3 times a week of dialysis, after each dialysis, blood urea ammonia should be reduced to 40% - 50% before dialysis, if twice a week, blood urea ammonia after dialysis should be reduced to 30% - 40% before dialysis; if there is residual renal function, can maintain a certain amount of urine, dialysis period Less weight gain and no high potassium tendency can reduce the number and time of dialysis. If the drop of toxin is not ideal, the heart function and anemia will deteriorate, and the number and time of dialysis can be increased.

To sum up, hemodialysis time can not be rigidly prescribed, different patients with different conditions, different levels of physical tolerance, hemodialysis response is also different, therefore, the specific time is decided by a professional doctor. Only by actively treating the doctor, patients can live longer and better.

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