Purpura Nephritis: How To Avoid To Fall In Renal Failure

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purpura nephritis,fall in renal failure,alternative medical treatmentTo be honest, if you want to avoid dialysis for a longer and better life, you should slow the progression of the disease. Then it presents the strategies for the control of this disease, the hope can help you in some degrees. You also can tell your illness conditions to ONLINE DOCTOR, talk to him directly in free.

1. Take the Alternative Medical Treatment

The duties of therapy not only work to eliminate complicated Symptoms, but also can protect the renal function. In this way, the disease will worsen in the future and prevents renal failure completely.

In China, The Natural Herbal Remedy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to ensure the curative effect. Combined Traditional Chinese medicine with Advanced Medical techniques. Medicinal Herbs used externally for Micronized role to protect and improve the residual renal function. In favourable cases, dialysis or Kidney Transplantation can be prevented. Then, patients can live a normal life with their own kidneys.

2. Live a healthy life

Follow a well-balanced Diet. Ask your Dietitian for the provision of adequate Diet with the right water equivalent Liquid, Protein, sodium, potassium and Phosphorus.

3. Do regular exercises

Work with your doctor to make an appropriate exercise program that is right for you.

Stay away from substances that can damage the kidneys such as alcohol, Tobacco or drugs. I know Sour your doctor about all prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal Medications You are taking.

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