Can IgA Nephropathy Be Cured By Chinese Herbal Medicines

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Chinese Herbal Medicines,IgA NephropathyAt present, there is no specific and effective treatment for IgA nephropathy in clinical medicine, but although IgA nephropathy is a progressive disease, from the initial symptoms of IgA nephropathy, about 20% of IgA nephropathy patients develop to renal failure every decade. Many long-term treatment of IgA nephropathy patients are initially looking for Western medicine treatment, but finally looking for Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy, then, Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy effect?

Western medicine for the treatment of IgA nephropathy is mainly to alleviate the patient's immune inflammation caused by IgA deposition, so can not rely entirely on drugs to effectively control, then how do patients with IgA nephropathy believe in traditional Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy?

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the most advanced treatment for IgA nephropathy is to use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy combined with western medicine symptomatic treatment of IgA nephropathy. After a large number of clinical medical verification shows that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy is far better than that of Western medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy alone, especially in the control of the recent clinical symptoms of IgA nephropathy, improve the quality of life of patients with IgA nephropathy, improve the poor prognosis of patients with IgA nephropathy is particularly effective.

The so-called traditional Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy, but also we mentioned above the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology products. In traditional Chinese medicine, the active substances of traditional Chinese medicine after micronized ultrasonic cavitation technology are used for targeted targeted targeted blockade treatment of IgA nephropathy lesions. It also plays an important role in repairing and reconstructing damaged kidney tissue of patients with IgA nephropathy. Therefore, this traditional Chinese medicine therapy plays a "radical treatment" role.

If the choice of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of IgA nephropathy, then patients with IgA nephropathy should adhere to the "catch early, adhere to long-term, key treatment" three steps. That is to say, IgA nephropathy patients should seize the most favorable opportunity to treat the disease early and timely; after determining the treatment of IgA nephropathy, IgA nephropathy patients should ensure long-term uninterrupted protection of the kidney, with treatment; the use of micronized traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy, in order to block and delay the process of renal fibrosis Slowing down the development of IgA nephropathy is the key to cure this disease.

IgA nephropathy brings great harm to patients, but if our IgA nephropathy patients can really do the above three steps, we can rely on traditional Chinese medicine treatment to effectively restore the damaged renal function of patients, thus to the greatest extent to avoid IgA nephropathy patients facing the risk of renal failure!

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