What Is Nephrotic Syndrome In Children

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Syndrome In Children,Nephrotic SyndromeWhat is Nephrotic Syndrome in children? Children are the hope of every family. Every parent wants their children to grow up healthily. So when children suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome, we are very distressed, just like having nightmares. To let us get out of this nightmare as soon as possible, let's learn about children's nephrotic syndrome.

The age of onset of nephrotic syndrome in children is more common in children aged 3-5, and boys are more than girls. The ratio is about 3.7: 1. Children with nephrotic syndrome usually have pre-infectious symptoms, such as fever, tonsillitis, skin herpes and other symptoms. Within 2 to 3 weeks after a cold, the child will suffer from eyelid edema, fatigue, loss of appetite, and less urine. With the further deterioration of the kidney, the children's nephrotic syndrome also has a typical "three high and one low" symptoms, that is, high edema, massive proteinuria, hypertriglyceridemia, and hypoproteinemia.

Experts from Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have pointed out that "now the children's diet is not reasonable, excess fish and meat can cause the child to take too much protein and seriously affect the renal function. When the excess protein is stored in the body, it will be discharged from urine and stool, which will increase the burden of the kidney and ultimately lead to nephrotic syndrome.

When the child has the symptoms of swelling, which can not be cured in a long time, you should take the child to the hospital for the urine examination, otherwise the severe swelling will cause the whole body, chest water, ascites, skin damage to seep water, the further aggravation of kidney damage will affect the development of the child's body.

When the child's body is abnormal, our parents and friends should be in time to go to the hospital for treatment. Do not let the disease threaten the growth of our children.

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