Must Edema Relate To Diabetic Nephropathy

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Diabetic Nephropathy,EdemaEdema is one of the common clinical manifestations of Chronic Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, Diabetic Nephropathy and other kinds of nephropathy. Many people may mistakenly think that their kidneys have problems when their bodies are swollen somewhere. In fact, this view is rather narrow. The pathological factors of edema are not only nephropathy (to understand the characteristics of edema that may be caused by nephropathy first):

Patients often wake up in the morning and find the face or eyelids swollen, after a period of time edema or relief or disappearance, or leg or ankle edema, more obvious in the more tired state, after rest edema will be improved. Rest eases. If this situation often occurs, it is recommended that patients go to the hospital in time for examination, early detection of kidney disease, to avoid aggravation of the disease leading to renal failure.

The causes of edema vary.

1. If the patient often sits or stands, the ankle is prone to edema. If the patient adjusts his posture, such as lying down, the "edema" in his body will flow and the edema will transfer to his back. Patients with heart rate acceleration, fatigue, vomiting, dyspnea, and even examination showed that the heart and liver enlarged, may have appeared cardiac edema. To alleviate or eliminate the harm of edema, it is mainly aimed at the treatment of heart disease.

2. Liver edema may also occur. Unlike the above two, hepatic edema often results in ascites, even liver enlargement, jaundice in the skin and eyeball of patients, suggesting the advent of liver diseases such as cirrhosis.

3. In addition, if the long-term protein intake is insufficient, it may also cause edema. Patients need to improve their dietary habits, eat more lean meat and eggs, supplemented by cereals, vegetables and fruits, balanced diet, after a period of time the edema can disappear.

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