Does Foam Urine Necessarily Represent Diabetic Nephropathy

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Diabetic Nephropathy,Foam UrineIs bubble urine equal to Proteinuria? Does foam urine necessarily represent Diabetic Nephropathy?

1. Bubble urine is not equal to proteinuria.

In fact, healthy people produce more or less foam during urination, which is a normal phenomenon. Because urine contains a certain amount of protein, mucus, glucose, inorganic salts and other ingredients, these substances will increase the urine tension, the higher the urine tension, the more likely to form a bubble.

However, the content of urine protein (mostly small molecule protein) in healthy people is very small (daily discharge is less than 150mg), protein qualitative test is negative, and the foam will disappear quickly (3-5 minutes). If there is a thin layer of foam on the surface of the urine after urination and it does not disappear for a long time, it may be true proteinuria.

2. Foam urine necessarily does not represent Diabetic Nephropathy.

There are many reasons for the large amount of protein foam urine. For cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis and other diseases, due to the proliferation of bacteria in urine, the use and change of the original ingredients in urine, or a large number of gas production, resulting in the emergence of foam in urine, will form foam urine.

Diabetic patients are also prone to urinary tract infections due to abnormal blood glucose and increased urine sugar. This is also one of the causes of diabetic patients prone to foam urine. Although the phenomenon of foam urine is not clear and specific, after all, foam urine is an important symptom of kidney disease. Once discovered, urine routine, urinary albumin / creatinine ratio and related examinations should be done as soon as possible, so as to further find the culprit.

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