What Are The Complications Of Kidney Disease In Children

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Kidney Disease,ComplicationsNephrotic Syndrome in children has a serious impact on the growth and development of children, especially in children aged 2 to 6 years. Children with nephrotic syndrome are dangerous and should be treated in time.

What are the complications of Kidney Disease in children?

Complicated infections: children with nephrotic syndrome due to delayed course of disease, low resistance, very easy to get cold and pneumonia, peritonitis, erysipelas and other diseases, whenever children with the above-mentioned complications of children with nephrotic syndrome, edema, less urine is aggravated, urinary protein content is also increased.

Hyponatremia: the complications of nephrotic syndrome caused by long-term avoidance of salt or excessive use of diuretics, coupled with infection, vomiting, diarrhea and other reasons, so that the blood sodium salt decreased, appetite decreased, drowsiness, thirst but not drink, edema aggravated, blood pressure decreased, severe shock, convulsion.

Hypokalemia: When edema subsides or is treated with adrenocorticosteroids, a large amount of potassium salts are often discharged from urine, resulting in hypokalemia, abdominal distension, weakness of the muscles of the whole body, blunt heart sounds, weakening or disappearance of tendon reflexes, severe respiratory muscle weakness and dyspnea, cyanosis.

Hypocalcemia: During the treatment with adrenocorticosteroids, the intestinal absorption of calcium is poor, and in the discharge of proteinuria at the same time, can often have a large number of calcium salt excretion, so children with nephrotic syndrome can often cause hypocalcemic convulsions or osteoporosis due to hypocalcemia.

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