What Tests Can I Do To Diagnose Renal Failure

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Diagnose Renal Failure,Core Tips: What tests can i do to diagnose renal failure? How to diagnose renal failure? What are the methods to diagnose renal failure?

The diagnosis of renal failure needs to be examined.

1. Routine blood tests: when patients with anemia, and white blood cell count normal or increased, or platelet reduction, fine cell sedimentation patients should pay more attention.

2. Urine routine examination: there is a difference between the original and the disease.

The urine osmotic pressure was lower than 450mOsm per kilogram, lower in weight, less than 1.018, and fixed between 1.010 and 1.012. The amount of nocturnal urine in urine concentration dilution test was greater than that of daily urine, the proportion of each urine was more than 1.020, and the difference of the highest and lowest urine specific weight was less than 0.008.

The urine volume decreased, more than 1000ml per day;

Urine protein increased, and most of the glomeruli were destroyed in the late stage.

Urinary sediment examination, there may be different number of red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells and granular tube type, wax-like tube type is the most significant.

3. Renal function examination: all indexes were reduced.

4. Blood biochemical examination: albumin in plasma is reduced, blood calcium is low, blood phosphorus is increased, blood potassium and blood sodium are determined according to the condition.

5. Other examinations: X-ray urinary tract plain film and radiography, isotope nephrography, renal scan, renal biopsy, etc., are helpful for etiological diagnosis.

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