How Can We Avoid The Side Effects of Dialysis To Stage 4 Kidney Failure Patients

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side effects of dialysis,stage 4 kidney failure,avoid dialysisIn stage 4 kidney failure, dialysis will be recommended by your doctor for a better life. However, dialysis will lead to some Side Effects during the relief of symptoms, more and more patients want to avoid dialysis for a high quality life.

What are Side Effects of Dialysis?

Dialysis is very useful, but the long-term implementation will cause a series of side effects including Low Blood Pressure, Infections, Muscle Cramps, fatigue, Fever, headache, Skin itchy, nausea, anemia, electrolyte imbalance, peritonitis, hernia and Infectious Disease and so on

How to avoid the side effects of Dialysis?

Dialysis is indicated for Patients with renal impairment, it can help damaged kidneys to purify the blood. We all know that the kidney is the Organ that is responsible for filtering blood and urine Production. During this process, the waste produced in the body can be discharged with excessive Fluid such as urine. When the kidneys are injured and renal function deteriorates seriously, the waste products will be expelled by the kidneys ACCUMULATE in the blood. So if we can find some ways to improve renal function, then the patient will have the opportunity to live without dialysis.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as an Innovation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, it can improve renal function by Repairing the damaged kidneys and protecting them from damage. So, with the help of this treatment, Kidney Failure patient can gradually avoid dialysis.

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