Chronic Nephritis And Nephrotic Syndrome Will Cause Uremia Stage

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Uremia Stage,Nephrotic Syndrome,Chronic NephritisMore and more patients develop into uremia stage, lots of them want to know the reasons, so what are the causes of uremia?

1. Having acute nephritis, after treatment, it can work normally. But after a sudden period of work, especially tired, and the body resistance decreased. Once you have cold and fever. There were hematuria and proteinuria, and the diagnosis was acute attack of chronic nephritis. This kind of patient has a history of acute nephritis.

2. At first, the patient is acute nephritis, but after treatment, the urine is much more, the edema is also retreated, but there is still hematuria and proteinuria for more than a year, and it becomes chronic nephritis. These patients account for about 10%.

The above two are all related to acute nephritis, but it is also only 10%-15% in the patients with chronic nephritis, that is to say, the uremia is not necessarily developed by acute nephritis. And the real majority are the following three cases:

3. Similarly, there is no acute nephritis, suddenly a cold or other infections after fever, albuminuria, edema, manifested as nephrotic syndrome.

4. The patient has never had a history of acute nephritis before, in the physical examination, found a little hematuria, proteinuria, incidental edema, but the renal function is still good, blood pressure is not too high or normal blood pressure. Then, after a period of time, the kidneys were not functioning well, the blood pressure was high, the diagnosis was chronic glomerulonephritis, and then developed to renal failure.

5. Also through physical examination, found high blood pressure, other nothing, urine a little bit red cell protein, kidney function is basically good, sometimes a little difference, no history of nephritis, also diagnosed as chronic nephritis. Such patients are easily misdiagnosed as hypertension or hypertensive nephropathy.

These three cases account for about 85% of patients with chronic nephritis. Compared with the first two cases, it is more concealment and is not easy to be found. It often occurs when symptoms are obvious and can cause misdiagnosis. So this is the main reason why most people develop uremia without knowing it. So it can be said that uremia has a certain degree of concealment.

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