Medicated Bath

Medicated bath is one external application of traditional Chinese medicines and it is to put certain Chinese medicines into water to achieve the purposes of treating some diseases and building up physical strength while taking the bath. It has thousands of history in China and is highly recommended by Chinese herbal practitioners. This therapy is very comfortable and it causes no side effects or injuries to the patients.

There are a variety of medicated baths and it can be generally divided into systemic bath and local bath like lavipeditum.

What is the cure mechanism of medicated bath?

Skin is the largest organ of human being and it has many functions including secretion, excretion, absorption, penetration, sensation, etc. Medicated bath therapy is to take advantage of these features. Its cure mechanism has local and overall aspects. On one hand, the medicines in the bath can directly act on the skin, muscles, joint so as to improve the metabolism of the skin, muscles and joint and recover their functions; on the other hand, these active ingredients in the medicines can be absorbed through skin, meridians and acupuncture points and enter into blood circulation and help regulate the disorders and imbalances in the internal body and improve the functions of internal organs and systems.

What is more, stimulation of hot water can expand the blood vessels and promote local and systemic blood and lymph circulations, thus promoting metabolism and increasing the supply of blood, oxygen and other necessary nutritions to damaged tissues and organs so that the disease will be recovered.

What are the applications and curative effects of medicated bath?

By taking medicated bath, it can achieve the effects of relaxing muscles and tendons and activating collaterals, eliminating blood stasis and promoting blood circulation, heat-clearing and detoxification, regulating and nourishing internal organs. It has also been proved by modern pharmacology that medicated bath can increase the amount of certain immune globulins in the blood and enhance the skin's elasticity and vitality.

More specifically, it can achieve the following effects:

1. Clearing blood stasis and obstructions and dredging the channels and collaterals so as to promote blood circulation and blood supply.

2. Expelling cold and discharging toxins in the body through sweating during the bath.

3. Eliminating the dead and necrotic tissues and regenerating new ones.

4. Regulating disorders in the organs and achieving normal orders.

5. Activating cells, increasing immune globulins in the blood and enhancing immunity.

6. Increasing elasticity and vitality of the skin so as to fight against fatigue and beautify the skin.

7. Alleviating general ill feelings such as fatigue, back pain, etc.

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