How Much Protein Should be Taken By Uremia Patients

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Uremia Patients,ProteinWhat are the principles of Uremia? Uremia is a very serious Kidney Disease, uremia can not be cured, for all the treatment of uremia is to control the deterioration of the disease, so supplementing the body's nutrition, enhancing the body's immunity, for the treatment of uremia is very important, the following describes the dietary precautions of uremia.

1. Replenishing water and salt in time makes uremic patients prone to dehydration and hyponatremia, especially those with long-term anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea. However, we should pay attention to the poor tolerance of uremic patients to water and sodium, and supplement should not be excessive in order to avoid causing hypernatremia or water intoxication.

2. Pay attention to calcium and potassium supplementation. The blood potassium of uremic patients is generally low. After using diuretics, hypokalemia is easy to occur. At this time, eat more fresh fruits and potassium chloride. Uremia patients with low blood calcium often eat some foods with high calcium content, such as fish, shrimp, meat and bone soup.

3. Low protein diet is the main diet. In azotemia and uremia patients, low protein diet should be the main diet, and protein should be mainly animal protein containing essential amino acids, such as milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, etc. The daily intake of protein was 20 grams. This not only ensures the supply of essential amino acids for the body, but also enables the body to use non-protein nitrogen to synthesize non-essential amino acids under the condition of low protein and supply, so as to reduce azotemia.

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