The Process Of Diabetic Nephropathy Develop Into Kidney Failure

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Diabetic Nephropathy, Kidney FailureUsually, 5 to 10 years of diabetic history, patients will appear to varying degrees of proteinuria symptoms, and may be accompanied by systemic microvascular diseases such as fundus lesions, at this time can be diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy according to the clinical symptoms.

Diabetic nephropathy is mainly caused by the damage of renal capillaries in diabetic patients. As the disease progresses, it will cause extensive glomerulosclerosis and progressive decline of renal filtration function. A large number of proteins are excreted with urine.

Because early diabetic nephropathy does not show obvious clinical symptoms, when the corresponding symptoms such as proteinuria, eyelid edema, fundus lesions, patients have entered the advanced stage. Once diabetic nephropathy occurs, the progressive trend will deteriorate. With the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic patients may also have hypertension, body edema, hypoproteinemia and other conditions.

With the progress of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic patients will eventually develop diabetic renal failure, uremia. In the process of disease deterioration, the presence of diabetes and hypertension will accelerate the process of renal damage in patients, in turn, the further aggravation of kidney disease will lead to the continued aggravation of hypertension in patients.

In this way, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease will mutually promote the deterioration process, which also leads to diabetes patients in the implementation of clinical treatment of great difficulty.

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